Hellooooooo, internet!

It's me, the blogger formerly known as frau sally benz, currently going by... sally? We'll stick with sally for now.

I started Jump off the Bridge nearly a decade ago (holy crap!). For years, I blogged about politics, feminism, relationships, culture, immigration, books, musicals, being Latina, and anything else my little heart desired. It allowed me to build an online home I was proud of, with a community I loved. It gave me a chance to write for Feministe, one of my favorite blogs at the time. It provided writing clips and digital marketing experience I used to get jobs. More than anything, it gifted me the opportunity to express myself as I desired.

Over the years, I've really missed blogging. I missed the ability to take to my laptop when I'm fired up, curious, or contemplative. I missed having a place to document my growth and to rave about things I love - a place without rules or limitations other than the ones I chose to set.

I've set aside countless ideas and opportunities to raise the voices of people I admire, using the excuse, "I don't have anywhere to put this."

It's bullshit, of course, because I've still renewed this domain year after year, even as it sat in the corner, collecting dust and random comments about men in skirts.

So! I decided to take away my go-to excuse for not putting myself out there in a quick, easy way, a way that feels good. I figured, hey, why not clean out the cobwebs, polish the silverware, maybe throw some fresh paint on the walls to brighten up the joint?

Of course, a decade in internet years is like a century in real life, so that's probably a bit more work than simply deciding to write again.

There's a lot on this blog that seemed ancient and irrelevant, links that didn't go anywhere anymore, content that was meh and no longer aligned. I switched all of my published posts to drafts, re-published anything I actually remember writing all these years later, and decided to go through the rest later. I removed the sidebar sections that looked ugly or pointed to dead links.

If I decide to make this a permanent home again, then I'll give the blog a full makeover (or maybe I won't, WHO KNOWS?!).

For now, I'll focus on sharing the work of people I love and admire, posting my musings on who the heck knows what, and see what organically unfolds from there.

If you're reading this, welcome! Or, even better, welcome back! Say hi!

And, if you never hear from me again, know that I love you.


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