It's International Women's Day, y'all! HOORAY! Here are a few things I found to celebrate: is featuring several campaigns that can improve the lives of women around the world by labeling them with the IWD logo.

The Guardian has a list of their top 100 women. Now, I find it somewhat problematic (some of their choices seem random, if not completely ridonk), but as I learned more about some women I'd practically never heard of and by the end I was all "we can do it!" so I guess that says something.

Equality Now has a 100 Steps to Equality campaign with facts and action steps. (There's also a PDF with all 100 steps.)

Even Google is getting in on the fun by promoting the Join Women on the Bridge event they're co-hosting with Women for Women International at the Millenium Bridge, the Brooklyn Bridge, and the Golden Gate Bridge. They've also got links to some really great orgs (they want you to donate, but you could just as easily click through to simply learn more or take action).

There are countless others, so please promote your org/cause/event/whatever of choice in the comments. I'll also try to update this if/when I can.


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