There are few things I love more than learning how people use digital media. Combine that with feminism and/or online activism, and I'm sold. Here are some stories I read this morning that inspired me.

France 24 launched the first interactive documentary for the iPad. This is news enough for a media geek, but here's the subject: rape in the Congo. I often get so caught up in feminist circles, that I forget how little people know about rape in the Congo and rape as a weapon of war. Having them choose this as the subject matter for such an innovative idea means many more people will become aware of this terrible problem. Here's more info about the Rape in Congo: Peace Violated.

In India, women are using social media as a way to organize and speak out against street harassment. Most recently, a community art project called Blank Noise organized hundreds of women to become Action Heroes, and other community groups like Pink Chaddi and Gulabi Gang are also getting organized. Read more about their inspiring activism to make the streets of India safer for women.

This isn't actually new, but every time I see anything about "You Are Beautiful," I get really happy. In their own words:

Advertising elicits a response to buy, where this project elicits a response to do something. The attempt with You Are Beautiful is to create activism instead of consumerism.
It's simple, but incredibly moving. Check out installations, read their statement, order stickers, etc. to help others know their beauty.

Share other projects and ideas in the comments.


At Thu Aug 05, 12:30:00 AM Liz said...

Thanks for the blog! You're awesome

At Sun Aug 29, 01:00:00 PM mexiroccan said...

Will check these out. Ditto the love for online activism... It's amazing how people's creativity can transform spaces for the good. Saludos!


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