If you’re looking for a book about anything and everything related to sex, look no further than Moregasm: Babeland’s Guide to Mind-Blowing Sex. It starts with the basics – getting to know the lay of the land on a woman’s body. It moves on to a thorough discussion of orgasms, masturbation, and toys, a chapter on men, an exploration of what can turn you on, a how-to on sex with the hand or mouth, penis-in-vagina intercourse, safe sex practices, and a question & answer section. Each chapter also has its own Q&A more specifically related to the topic of that chapter.

With its bright colors, pictures and diagrams on almost every page, and clear language, it’s informative, and also very easy – even fun! – to read. It assumes you know nothing and gives general information that’s easy to follow, but it also has some suggestions for how to spice things up and take things to the next level if you’re no longer a novice.

One of the best sections of this book is the chapter entitled Love Thyself, which discusses orgasms, masturbation and sex toys. It’s not exactly a surprise that this chapter has the most information, seeing as how the book is Babeland’s guide to sex and Babeland is all about sex toys and self-love. Another chapter chock-full of information was Getting Off: By Hand, By Mouth. These chapters were my favorites because they had great information with detailed diagrams, but the book has a little something for almost everyone, whether you’re looking to try BDSM or anal sex, or just getting started with a vibrator.

I will say that this book probably doesn’t have a lot for you if you’re a sex expert. It can bring you back to basics, but if you’ve been there, done that with everything sex-related, it won’t offer much in the way of new information.

Overall, though, I think it’s informative and engaging. This is definitely a book I’ll recommend to my friends and keep handy so I can refer to it periodically.


At Thu Mar 18, 10:32:00 AM dorianisms said...

Sounds like a pretty awesome book! I'd definitely want a copy, except that it sounds as though it's primarily focused on female pleasure. Which is really important and I'm glad that it exists and is a good book, because there's not enough of that out there.

But as a gay male, it's not the most applicable to my own life experience. Unless you think it'd be worth a read anyway?

At Thu Mar 18, 01:01:00 PM frau sally benz said...

I'd recommend checking it out before deciding to buy it. It is definitely centered more on female pleasure, but some of the information applies to everyone, IMO, and there is a section on men.


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