It's Back Up Your Birth Control Day! Last year, I posted a general "here's what emergency contraception is and how it works" because an unofficial poll of my friends shocked me - many of them didn't know what EC even was. This year, I'll assume people are now sufficiently learned and instead tell you ways to celebrate BUYBC Day and your reproductive rights.

For starters, you can head out to your pharmacy and pick up some emergency contraception. That is, assuming you live in a country where it's available, are old enough to get it, and don't get harassed by the pharmacist.

If you aren't already an expert, get educated. The BUYBC site has handy dandy info on what EC is and how to get it in the U.S.

Then, spread the message far and wide. Tweet it, put it on your Facebook, make it your Gchat status, tell your roomies, whatevs. Share your knowledge on BC and EC with everyone you know.

Take action by signing the petition telling the FDA to end age restrictions on EC.

You can also check out the Take Action Toolkit(PDF) with info on engaging activists, contacting media, getting your school involved, etc.

Feel free to share other ideas in the comments. Oh, and please also feel free to share your own EC-related stories and experiences.

(cross-posted at Feministe)


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