A couple of weeks ago, I shared a video for the No Abortion Ban campaign by Center for Reproductive Rights. As I mentioned in that post, there was a call for others to participate by sharing what they don't want their tax dollars spent on. The people have spoken, and here's their response:

[Jay Smooth, speaking to camera, with the words 'Last Time...' on the bottom left corner.]

Smooth: There are some members of Congress who are committed to stripping abortion coverage from our health care, and the Hyde Amendment is how they do it. Everyone in America disagrees with where some of their tax money goes, but nobody else ever gets to pick and choose where their tax money goes, so we need to speak out on this right now.

[Text on screen says: 'And you did.'
Instrumental music starts playing and continues to play in the background for the rest of the video.
Rectangular frames with rounded corners appear on top of each other so that you can see the top frame and part of the frames below it. Each frame features a different responder their their name in caps. When the clip is over, the top frame peels away and shows the one below it. The effect resembles turning through a pack of photos.]

Marisa: Some in congress don’t want federal money going to fund abortion.

Lizz: I don’t want my tax dollars going to fund torture prisons in Cuba.

Xena: Imprisoning and torturing people who have never had a fair trial.

Emmily: I don't want my tax dollars spent on the fairytale secrets of abstinence-only sex ed.

Matthew: I don't want my tax dollars spent on discharging men and women from the military because they're gay. Almost twenty thousand dollars each time.

IAmDrTiller: Some members of congress don't want tax dollars spent on abortion.

Jen: Well I don't want my tax dollars to fund the death penalty.

Omer: [holding photo of bomber plane next to face] I don't want more than a billion of my tax dollars going to fund the F-22 bomber, a plane the military doesn't even want.

Lee: From now on, I think the defense department should send us each a list of all the crazy stuff they're doing and, uh, we get to pick which ones we want to fund.

Amie: I don't want my tax dollars going towards crisis pregnancy centers.

Whole Women's Health: [group of five in the frame, one speaks] We don't want our tax dollars spent on

Whole Women's Health: [one person in the frame] Law enforcement that fails to protect the women we serve.

Leila and Tara: [Two women in the same frame, one in front, one woman a few feet behind her.]
Woman in back: I don't want my tax dollars spent on keeping me from marrying you.
Woman in front: [cringes and turns to face woman in back] I don't want to marry you.
[Woman in back looks sideways and slaps knee. Both women laugh.]

[Rectangular frames removed, showing a dark background with text on the screen. Each sentence that follows appears on the screen after a few seconds. Text on screen says: 'Hyde blocks abortion coverage for millions. The new healthcare bill expands Hyde restrictions to millions more. No one else gets to pick and choose where our tax money goes. Stop unjust special treatment. Help millions.']

[Text on screen says 'noabortionban.org' with voice over by Jay Smooth.]
Smooth: For more on the fight for reproductive rights worldwide, go to noabortionban.org today. Thank you.

(Cross-posted at Feministe.)


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