Hot off the presses (or whatever the YouTube equivalent is): this awesome video about the Hyde Amendment put together by Center for Reproductive Rights. Check it out!

I don't have a transcript for the video yet (if you do, please send it on over) There's a transcript for the video at the end of this post (THANKS CHALLY!).

The video features bloggers and other voices in the pro-choice movement who complete the sentence: “Some in Congress don’t want federal money going to fund abortions. I don’t want MY tax dollars spent on _________.” It really gets you thinking about how much of our tax dollars goes into projects we don't support, but we can't do anything about. Why is it cool for us to give our money to those causes but not cool for our money to go to access to abortion?

So now that this video's got you thinking about that, it's your turn to take part! Check out the campaign page for No Abortion Ban and think about what you don't want your tax dollars to be spent on. Create a 20-second video clip with your response by January 20th and maybe you'll see yourself in the next video.
[Effect as though switching on an old fashioned television]

[Jay Smooth, speaking to camera, with his name and website ( at the bottom of the screen. 'Center for Reproductive Justice' is at the bottom right of the screen and remains throughout Smooth's parts of the video.]
Smooth: The Hyde Amendment. We need to talk about the Hyde Amendment.
Since 1976, Congress has tacked the Hyde Amendment onto every annual appropriations bill, blocking access to needed healthcare services for millions of poor women and families. [this paragraph summarised in dot points on screen]
And right now the Stupak and Nelson amendments on this current health care bill try to expand Hyde into the private market, restricting insurance for abortion even when people pay for coverage themselves. [this paragraph summarised in dotpoints on screen again]
Why does this one crowd get to pick and choose on this one thing (that’s totally unjust) while the rest of us never get to pick and choose?
['the views expressed are bloggers' own...' appears at the bottom of the screen]
I mean imagine, in your ideal world, what would you say we shouldn’t spend your tax money on?

[Bloggers appear in rectangular frames with rounded corners on a black screen, with their names in white capital letters below and their websites in grey below their names. When they finish, their images shrink and the next blogger's expands to replace it.]

Aimee Thorne-Thomsen of Well I don’t want my tax dollars spent on building a 700 mile fence along the US-Mexico border.

Sarah Seltzer of rhrealitycheck,org: Well I don’t want my tax dollars spent on a wasteful, racist war on drugs.

Jesse Taylor of You know what I wish the federal government wouldn’t spend money on anymore? Cancelling my favourite public television shows. [lowers voice so that it's more whispery] I miss you.

Melissa Harris-Lacewell of and Heather Corinna of, appearing in separate boxes: I don’t want my tax dollars spent-
Corinna: -on abstinence-only sex education-
Harris-Lacewell: -incarceration rather than education-
Corinna: -corporate federal bailouts.

Jill Filipovic of Well I don’t want my tax dollars spent on corporate farm subsidies.

Amanda Marcotte of Well I don’t wanna spend my tax dollars on mercenary organisations like Blackwater.

[Allison Kilkenny of and Jamie Kilstein of appear in the same shot]
Kilstein: Wait.
Kilkenny: Mm.
Kilstein: You know what’s really dangerous?
[Kilkenny turns to look at Kilstein]
Kilstein: A woman’s right to choose a safe medical procedure.
[Kilkenny turns back and nods in the direction of the camera.]
Kilkenny: Mmm.
Kilstein: Oh wait!

Thorne-Thomsen: Abortion care is healthcare and don’t all women deserve good healthcare?

Smooth: The impact of the Hyde Amendment will be hugely expanded when this healthcare bill adds millions more women and families to Medicaid. So we need to speak out on this right now.
Submit your own video about what you don’t want your tax dollars spent on and help us prove how hypocritical and unfair the Hyde Amendment is. We’ll share some of your best submissions with the world. [On screen: Submit your YouTube vid (up to 20 secs) to:
[stroking cat] For more on the right for reproductive rights worldwide, go to today. Thank you.

[on screen:]

[Effect as though switching on an old fashioned television]


At Thu Jan 14, 07:34:00 PM Chally said...

You're welcome to use the transcript I just posted at Feministe.

At Sat Jan 16, 04:10:00 PM frau sally benz said...

Ooh awesome! Thanks Chally!


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