I wish I had heard of this sooner, but better late than never, right?

Take Back the Tech is a campaign to stop violence against women by reclaiming information and communications technologies. The campaign is from Nov. 25 through Dec. 10 and invites supporters to take action every day and spread the word.

From their site:

Domestic violence survivors may use ICT and the internet to overcome isolation, by accessing information about domestic violence, legal protection and available services or assistance. Many women’s organisations make such information available on their websites, or offer email or telephone contacts for counselling and support. Abusers, on the other hand, may make use of technologies such as spy software, wireless technology, logging facilities in instant messaging services and internet browsers, webcams, and global positioning systems (GPS) to track and monitor survivors’ activities both online and offline.

They've got tips for online chat safety, ideas for making digital postcards, videos, and more. I particularly like the 16 daily actions. Today's action, for example, was about building feminist knowledge through the use of wikis. They list some feminist wikis and encourage you to report on stats and country profiles on Wikipedia.

Take some time to sift through the site, particularly the campaign kit, and follow along on Twitter.


At Thu Dec 10, 02:08:00 PM Ashley said...

Horray for online activism!! I'm sooo using this in my thesis. Thanks for sharing!


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