Here's my continuation of yesterday's #best09 recap.

December 14 Rush.
Finishing the last hike in Cinque Terre! If you read the other post, you must've known that one was coming, right? The day of our second hike was kinda torture, so the end was quite victorious. The first day was nothing more than a scenic stroll (we actually sang through the hike, that was fun!), but the second day was much more challenging. We wheezed, huffed and puffed through what seemed like a never-ending trek, but getting through the end was definitely the biggest rush of the year.

December 15 Best packaging.
Packaging? Random... I guess The Beatles remastered. That's some nice packaging. Sleek and whatnot.

December 16 Tea of the year.
I tried some of those Yogi teas this year! So yummy! My usual tea is Tazo's Calm with honey, but Lipton with LOTS of lemon & honey is also yum. But those Yogi teas hit the spot - what on earth do they put in that?!

December 17 Word or phrase. A word that encapsulates your year. "2009 was _____."
.... a roller coaster. Most of my highs and lows were family-related, but it was definitely a roller coaster in other areas of my life as well.

December 18 Shop.
Between all the books I bought and The Beatles remastered catalog, Borders got a lot of my money this year. If I had more money to spend there, I totally would. I realize that's not actually a "shop," especially since most of my shopping was online, but whatever.

December 19 Car ride.
When I was in Indianapolis for the NOW conference this summer, it was the first time I drove around by myself for an entire weekend. I rented a car and stayed at a hotel kinda far from the conference and certainly far from the airport, so I did a lot of driving around. I listened to the Once soundtrack and ate McD's for most of those drives. I was nervous at first because I hadn't driven alone in a while and I was so far from home, but I loved it. I even drove in rush hour traffic for the first time ever!

December 20 New person.
I met lots of cool people this year, mostly at conferences. I kinda have to choose Sarah though because months after meeting at WAM!, she moved to NYC and now we're buds. I heart her, she's my homegirl.

December 21 Project.
This one is tough because I was tempted to say the blogathon. That was definitely a proud moment for me. Having to stay up blogging for 24 hours is not something I ever pictured myself doing, but it was for a good cause and I was ecstatic to make it through. BUT!

My Legendary Latinas series was the project of the year for me, for sure. I don't know how much people enjoyed the series as a whole (I know my Frida post got a lot of love), but I was so proud when I read those posts again a couple of weeks ago. I got to learn more about some of the women I've always admired and to introduce them to other people meant a lot to me. I wasn't sure I'd make it through because it was hard to write some of it, but I did and I'm happy with the result.

December 22 Startup.
The only startup I had any real experience with this year is not one I would even label "good," let alone "best." I have no answer to this...

December 23 Web tool.
I started using Tumblr this year! That's one! There are a few more web tools I got some experience with this year but I won't really start using more until early next year. But Tumblr would win that battle anyway just out of pure awesomeness.

December 24 Learning experience.
The pessimistic answer to this would be that if you start thinking "this can't get any worse," it probably will. But I also learned that being alone isn't as bad as I always thought. Growing up, my biggest fear was dying alone, without any friends or other people around to do things with or to care about me when I was gone. (Let's ignore how strange that is for a child to fear.) But this year I traveled alone a lot which meant that I spent a good amount of time wandering around by myself, driving by myself, getting lost by myself, exploring by myself, and so on. I was alone in a way I never really have been before, and it was actually nice.

December 25 Gift.
I was going to try to think of something nice and profound that I gifted myself this year, but my answer is BEATLES ROCK BAND! I have put that game to good use, yes I have! Now if only I could get my guy to make the downloadable content work, I'd be set. Though maybe then I'd never have time for anything else...

December 26 Insight or aha! moment.
This is actually kinda personal, so I'm not going to write it here. Let's just say it has to do with realizing that there are some jobs people just can't do. Whether it's ability, will, talent, whatever -- people should just not do things they can't do well.

December 27 Social web moment.
Well I met lots of people this year I previously only knew online, mostly at WAM! I think all of WAM! was one big awesome social web moment. Using Twitter to keep up with what was going on throughout the conference, meeting bloggers and tweeps I'd never met, learning about new ways to use social media, etc.

December 28 Stationery.
Sadly, I'm still waiting for the best stationery. I've been trying to find a really good notebook all year, and have yet to get one. Notebook, please come to me before year's end!

December 29 Laugh.
I love laughing and I laugh a lot, so I don't even know one moment. All the funny times of the year are just flying through my head.

December 30 Ad.
I don't watch commercials, so this is really hard... I haven't seen this one in person, but the domestic violence ad "it happens when nobody is looking" seems pretty cool.

December 31 Resolution you wish you'd stuck with.
I'm not big on resolutions, but I tried making one this year and it was to trust my gut. I can't say I struck with it throughout the entire year, and I certainly wish I had. But there were moments when I remembered it, and I tried to listen to my own instincts more than usual. In my planning for next year, I'll trust my gut and have it lead the way.


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