I've gotten tired of arguing with people about using the word lame, so here's my new approach:

Person: Oh ha ha blah blah, you're so lame!
Me: *blink and stare in confusion* No I'm not. I have no physical disability that I know of...

So far, people have just looked at me funny and then carried on. I haven't tried it enough to figure out its effectiveness, but it can't possibly be any less effective than I've been so far (which is, not at all effective). I think I might switch up my responses from time to time -- any ideas?

ETA: If you've no idea why this word is a problem, please read.


At Thu Oct 29, 11:56:00 AM RMJ said...

I usually say:

Person: "That's so lame!"
Me: "That's not the word I'd use, but yes, it is crappy."

It registers my objection without being pedantic. If they want to know more, I explain.

At Thu Oct 29, 11:59:00 AM RMJ said...

(Except in feminist contexts, in which case I feel comfortable explaining at the first use of the word.)

At Fri Oct 30, 08:20:00 AM OuyangDan said...

I get a little *squee* every time someone links to our new blog.

Thank you!

At Fri Oct 30, 03:58:00 PM Renee said...

Being a person with a disability I usually tell them um yeah that would be why I use a scooter. It causes them to pause.


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