Today's guest post comes from Amanda, aka The Undomestic Goddess. Thanks Amanda!

SATC-philes know these words as Samantha’s mantra when she left her cheating boyfriend, Richard. It was my mantra in college that convinced me to leave an otherwise hurtful relationship. And they were words that I playfully uttered to my boyfriend just the other day, letting him know that it wasn’t a selfish thing – it just meant that I would have no problem leaving him if he ever decided to pull a complete 180 and hit me. It’s a phrase that every woman should carry with her, and here’s why:

It was revealed that a prominent New York blogger “threw” his girlfriend around in their apartment during an argument. According to a source, “Her wrist was sprained and she had multiple bruises and scratches.” Friends moved her out of their apartment while he was at work and have been supporting her during this tough time. He was arrested and released, but for now it’s uncertain what punishment, if any, he’ll serve, other than the backlash of a few severe blog posts up today.

This woman was extremely lucky to have such supportive friends who didn’t allow for second chances and got her the hell out of her abusive situation. While I’m by no means on the inside, it certainly seems as though she, too, had no qualms about leaving. All too often women who suffer abuse do not muster up the courage to leave, or have an adequate support system to do so. There is still too much stigma and victim-blaming going on that women in these situations simply can’t afford. And knowing that they are worthy of more, loving themselves first and foremost, is the first step.

So please, love and trust the men in your life. But always, ALWAYS, love yourself just a little more.


At Mon Sep 28, 08:17:00 PM Danine said...

"always love yourself just a little bit more"

Amanda, I wish I would have read this before I wrote the Barack & Michelle post this weekend. I would have quotd you!


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