For those of you not yet aware (you might have been on vaca or under a rock or something), the Carnival of Feminists was recently started up again by the ladies over at Female Impersonator. I jumped at the chance to take on hosting duties again (I hosted another carnival almost a year ago). So without further ado, the carnival:

Pass Go. Collect $200. -- My favorite posts out of all the submissions. (In other words, if you read nothing else, read these.)

Chally calls out those who unfairly place a high value on gender representation of trans folks.

Luz considers the role self-awareness plays in the lives of survivors of abuse and assault and in their relationships.

Cara critiques the notion that individual choice is the answer to ongoing problems in society.

Live & Learn -- Science and education come to the rescue. Or not...

Boganette found a survey blaming women for divorce. Or rather, women's periods. For serious.

Speaking of surveys and science, factcheckme has discovered that there are people having sex in MRI machines for science. I'm sure that's as uncomfortable as it sounds.

In more refreshing news, Ashley Lauren has started a series about teaching feminism in schools. Now there's something I can get behind.

Others have contributed to her series, including L, who tackled group work, gender segregation, power structure in education, etc. Get schooled, y'all.

For Review -- Proof that feminists read and watch tv & movies, just like everyone else. Then we over-analyze them.

Natalia takes a fresh look at a feminist classic, The Women's Room. Is it any surprise that she finds it's still relevant today?

Laura examines the feminist cred in the show Dollhouse, countering arguments about it being anti-feminist.

Alicia reviews The Mosque in Morgantown and considers how her reaction differed from her expectation.

Skye watched the 80s film Red Sonja and finds herself surprised at its anti-feminist content.

What Else Is New? -- Things that should be common sense/knowledge by now, but sadly aren't.

Boganette reminds us that in this sad world we live in, the victim is always to blame.

Amanda, the Undomestic Goddess, gives the perfect example of why shitty stereotypes remain shitty stereotypes no matter who's reporting them.

Dr. Kathleen Young looks at the cycle of domestic violence and what it means to break out of that.

Becky finds that the exploitation of women sells, but it's not just for products anymore! Exploitation sells activism too.

New News -- Things that might not be news to others, but I never heard of before.

You know what else sells? Vibrators, apparently. Linda looks at vibrating products for women.

Apparently there's a book out about public toilets and gender. Confused? Mandy's got an interview with the editors.

factcheckme shows us how sexploitation reaches new lows every day -- enter the Holocaust, with bikinis. I wish I was kidding...

Potpourri for 300 -- Because there are always things that don't fit anywhere else & I like Jeopardy.

Mandy has an interesting interview with the author of a book about being childless by choice.

Martina shares her struggle with her body image, and how she's confronting it head-on (and pants off).

Mad Kane has a limerick about the reaction to Obama's school speech.

Pieces of String considers what it means to be a man and a feminist ally. (In short, if you want a cookie, go to a bakery.)

Elisha looks back at her experience waiting tables to teach us etiquette for dining out. (Ok, this isn't exactly feminist, but I included it because sometimes we need a reminder to be decent human beings.)

And for funsies, we'll end the carnival with something light (b/c feminists need to lighten up, after all): Jenny posted a feminist zombie comic that made me lol. =)

That's it for this installment of the Carnival of Feminists! Thanks to everyone who contributed their favorite feminist links. The next carnival is September 30 -- start submitting your posts!

If you'd like to host, contact Lindsay or Amelia at (firstname).impersonator [at]


At Wed Sep 16, 12:33:00 PM Anji said...

Brilliant carnival, Frausallybenz - there are some great-looking posts here, which I shall be working my way through this evening after putting the boy to bed. :D

At Wed Sep 16, 04:04:00 PM Stephanie said...

Thanks so much. The potpourri was great in finding folks I should definitely be reading!

At Wed Sep 16, 04:17:00 PM Mad Kane said...

Great job! Thanks very much for including me.

At Wed Sep 16, 08:54:00 PM Chally said...

Thanks for including me. And what a great carnival!

At Thu Sep 17, 08:36:00 AM frau sally benz said...

Glad you all like the carnival! It was great to read all the different posts. Can't wait for the next one, Chally!!

At Thu Sep 17, 12:13:00 PM Feminist Review said...

What a fantastic collection! Thanks for putting this together, lady!

At Fri Sep 18, 04:22:00 PM Dr. Kathleen Young said...

This is such a wonderful collection! I am honored to be part of it. Lots of good reading ahead!

At Fri Sep 18, 04:24:00 PM My Inconvenient Body said...

I am so pleased to be involved in this carnival. Wonderful reading! Bravo!

At Mon Sep 21, 01:22:00 PM Kirstente said...

Great carnival! Well done for putting it together.


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