This weekend, I hung out with the always awesome Sarah Jaffe and we somehow got to talking about things we can't bring ourselves to write about. We agreed that if something got us upset enough, we could find a way to push through and write about it, as I do with immigration and she does with class issues. But there are still things we don't touch. (Okay, me more than her.)

Recently, I've been able to at least write about immigration from a place that isn't fueled by rage, so I think I'm getting better there. But after thinking about my conversation with Sarah, I realized that I need to start writing more about the things that make me tick. I need to not be so afraid of the tears that will inevitably come or the lump in my throat that will appear, because these issues are important to me. And, yes, sometimes I'll end up with something written from a place of bitterness and rage, and the post won't make any sense, and nobody will have any idea how to follow along. But I need to get it out. So I will.

Okay, probably not tomorrow. But I wanted to just put that out there so y'all can see how my brain works and why there are things that it seems I should be writing about but I never do.

That ends today's "for your information" post. On to regular blogging!


At Mon Aug 24, 10:46:00 AM Sarah J said...

It's true. It's hard to do that--and interesting that sometimes we have an easier time writing about our personal lives than we do these particular issues that get under our skin.

Also, you're awesome and we need to hang out more :)


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