It is here! Our online feminist book club!

Introducing Radical Readers & Feminisms for Dummies.

Here's how it will work. We will keep a growing list of books we're interested in reading. These books will meet at least one of the following criteria (a list that will likely expand):

1) Written by a feminist and/or a woman
2) Aims to advance women's rights and/or gender equality
3) Looks at the intersection of gender with race, class, sexuality, (dis)ability, ethnicity, trans identity, nationality, etc.
4) Has a strong female character as one of the main characters and/or contains several female characters
5) Sparks conversations about social justice and gender equality, without necessarily adhering to one of the aforementioned criteria

From this list of books, I will randomly select 3-5 picks to choose from and members will vote on the book to read for the next month.

There will be a central blog for posts and discussions about the themes, issues, ideas, gripes, etc. that come up while we are reading the books. Folks will also be encouraged to write posts on their own blog if they prefer that, and their posts will be linked to on the main book club blog. Discussions will also happen in other spaces, starting with a Goodreads group, as that seems the best space for a book club group and it got the most votes.* Live chats will be held on a case by case basis. Basically, if a book we read strikes up a lot of dialogue, and book club members want to discuss it more deeply with one another, then we will try to set up a live chat.

I want to note that all of these ideas are flexible. I'm laying this out by combining the way I envisioned the book club, along with the feedback and ideas I received when I created the survey. It might turn out that nobody joins Goodreads, or folks change their mind about a group blog, or nobody can keep up with a monthly schedule, or whatever the case may be. We'll just have to see what happens!

Furthermore, as I've already mentioned to many of you, I want to welcome folks even if they don't have time to read every book, engage in all discussions, and write for the group blog. If you can participate heavily one month, but need to work on your thesis or a job transition or life drama the next month, there is no pressure to keep up the same level of engagement. If all you can ever do is read along and follow the discussion, then that's fine too. As long as you're getting something out of it, then you are a book club member, in my eyes. That said, I certainly hope that at least some of you will be ready and willing to be more active than that, or else we'll all be reading books in silence and it would defeat the purpose of the book club. =)

Those who have already provided me with their contact information (through the survey or by emailing me) will be receiving an email from me inviting them to join the Goodreads group and the group blog. I will also be posting a link to both after I've set them up and gotten things more settled. Be on the look-out for that in the next few days, and get ready to start reading!

UPDATE: If you haven't already signed up and would like to, take a moment to sign up here.

*Many of you indicated that you'd like to have a Facebook group as well, so I think that if the book club grows, we should definitely expand to have a group there. Because we are just starting out, I'd rather have us "gather" at one or two central locations as opposed to spreading out over multiple sites. I want to stress a sense of community and a way to get to know each other better, not just reading the same books at the same time.


At Fri Aug 28, 04:54:00 PM Renee said...

This sounds like a very interesting project.

At Fri Aug 28, 05:26:00 PM Laura said...

I'm super excited!!

At Fri Aug 28, 07:09:00 PM danine said...

Sign me up!

At Fri Aug 28, 07:10:00 PM Linda said...

Sign me up as well!

At Fri Aug 28, 07:10:00 PM yeomanpip said...

Great idea!
And RE:Facebook Would a 'page' be a better idea?
And will you have a hashtag on twitter (#jumpoffthebridge)

At Fri Aug 28, 08:00:00 PM frau sally benz said...

Ooh! New sign-ups! If you haven't already, take a moment to sign up here.

At Fri Aug 28, 08:05:00 PM lauredhel said...

I'm interested!

At Sun Aug 30, 12:30:00 AM frau sally benz said...

I do like the idea of a facebook page more than a group just as a personal preference, but we shall see!

And a twitter hashtag is a great idea! Maybe #radreaders when we discuss the book club or our books?

At Mon Aug 31, 02:17:00 AM BenYitzhak said...

I'd like to suggest "To Say Nothing of the Dog" by Connie Willis. It meets 1 and 4, possibly 3, but I'm not sure.

It's also quite funny.

At Mon Aug 31, 05:41:00 AM Linda said...

Ah! Forgot to mention "Reading Lolita in Tehran" as one of my possible books.
=] Thanks.


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