Why HELLO THERE! I've got lots of new readers thanks to my stint at Feministe and Latoya's nonmonogamy post over at Jezebel (big thanks to Jill, Cara & Latoya, by the way). I also realized 5 minutes ago that I have now had 400 posts on JotB!

Well, I say all of this is cause for celebration and some much needed link love for MYSELF! Below are some posts from the past six months or so you might enjoy whether you've been reading the blog since the beginning, or just joining in on the fun now.

For Blogathon 2009, I had a series of posts about Latino immigrants, set to the music of In the Heights. Check out Paciencia y Fe and Nina's Story.

Speaking of Latino immigrants, I am one! I'm Dominican. And apparently that's the second happiest place on earth. I don't completely agree with that.

Since we're talking about things I am, I'm also a New Yorker! I have a love/hate relationship with NYC, and recently the NYPD has made me lean towards the hate.

I'm also proud to be a feminist, but have had some moments of hesitation that I haven't been afraid to express. Check out my thoughts on the feminist label and movement and the term "ally".

But the writing I'm probably proudest of is my Legendary Latinas series. They're long, but if you have time, please do read through them all. If you don't have time, pick your favorite Legendary Latinas and read their profiles: Frida Kahlo, Dolores Huerta, Rita Moreno, Gloria AnzaldĂșa, Julia Alvarez, las Hermanas Mirabal.


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