Just wanted to let folks know that I'll be starting my guest blogging stint at Feministe on Monday and will be blogging there for two weeks.

I'm not a particularly controversial blogger (right? unless I'm missing something...), but the guest bloggers that I've loved so far this summer have not received the best responses, so I'm a little scared. And by a little bit scared, I mean quite terrified. I know a lot of my readers don't read Feministe, but I'd be happy to see some familiar names over there in the comments when I start my stint. I'll still be posting here, including some things I'll likely cross-post at Feministe.

I've received some feedback from my tweeps (that's twitter-speak for friends on twitter) about possible topics, including polyamory, bisexuality, immigrant women, Latinas, the Beatles, My Little Pony, etc. I think these ideas are fantabulous, and I need to get started on some outlines, but I'd love even more ideas!! So if you think there's something I can offer to the folks at Feministe, let me know in the comments or by email.


At Sat Aug 01, 04:52:00 AM Chally said...

I don't think they'll jump on you quite so much, but I get what you mean about being terrified. I'll be sure to comment. I'll see if I can think of any more ideas!


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