Most people I know say I'm a hippie at heart -- the polyamory and free love, the music I dig, my sociological interest in hippie culture... I do like seeing and learning about all things 60s and 60s counter-culture in particular. So I was all excited to check out this link that Alyssa Milano posted on Twitter, Woodstock: LIFE's Best Photos (some pics in the slideshow NSFW).

I'm browsing through the pictures and they're cool, of course. Then I got to (NSFW folks) this picture and was sort of taken aback. For those who can't see, it's a group of people by a little waterfall thing, but the focus of the picture is the front view of a fully naked woman. It's not that nudity is anything new in hippie culture, but most of the other pictures up to that point were pretty tame. I moved on and started to see more nudity, this time male nudity as well. By the time I get to the end, I realized that I didn't see even one penis.

I went back to get a sense of what I did see, and realized that in the one shot featuring a fully naked man in a pose similar to the one featuring a woman (still NSFW), the penis is conveniently covered by a hand. Now, I realize that we didn't technically see the woman's vagina in that picture. But we definitely saw the entire area -- it wasn't covered by anything. And I also understand biology 101 and the fact that penises are on the outside and vaginas are inside and all of that...

But... I don't know... it still bugs me. Is it just me?

My friend suggested these reasons for me not seeing any penis:

"bizarre leftover assumptions about hair and chests being appropriate, but no other genitalia, i guess OR men at woodstock had tiny penises OR (my personal favorite) you are used to enormous penises"

Don't get me wrong, it's not like I'm some sort of perv who goes out of my way to look for penises in Woodstock pictures (or maybe I am. hmm... now I'm not sure). And it's not as if my day would have been brighter if only I had just gotten a glimpse of hippie penis (okay, that's a lie, it probably would have). I guess it just bugs me because I feel these pictures were intentionally chosen because the penis was already covered, yet there was no problem showing the woman's entire body.

There's something wrong with me, isn't there...

(Originally posted on Feministe.)


At Thu Aug 13, 07:56:00 AM Danny said...

No nothing is wrong with you. You have a preferred genitalia to look at and you sound disappointed that you didn't get to see it.

My money is on that even back then in the time of free love people just didn't react to kindly to the site of the penis. Female sexuality is supposed to soft and beautiful therefore images of nude women are okay but male sexuality is supposed to be hard (okay I didn't realize this pun until I actually started typing it out) and rugged therefore images of nude men are not okay.

At Thu Aug 13, 01:20:00 PM frau sally benz said...

Danny, sometimes you make me blush hehe

I totally agree with your comment though. It makes a lot of sense.

At Fri Aug 14, 10:05:00 PM Danny said...

I make you blush?

Then you might not want to check this.

At Sat Aug 15, 03:14:00 AM frau sally benz said...

haha! thanks for the link =)


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