As I mentioned in my blog-hopping post, one of the blogathon posts I really liked was over at The Not-Writer in what she called ramblings about hope. One part in particular really struck me:

For example, the act of writing itself is an exercise in hope for me. By being brave enough to lay my guts out upon the page, I hope to realize some healing, or a feeling of connection between myself and others.
When I write I hope in the words I will find some essence of truth I am trying to impart.
And when I write I hope that my words mean something of some kind to someone.

What a way to describe the writing process! It sounds strange and yet... it makes complete sense.

As a personal hope, it really takes a lot of courage to put pen to paper (or keys to monitor, as the case may be). Particularly on a blog like mine, where so much of it comes from the things that I'm passionate about. Whether I hate something or love something, I'm putting it out there for the world to see. It's even harder when it's something deeply personal, like writing about immigration, or the Legendary Latinas series from months back.

And then looking at the second part of her quote, about hoping the words mean something to someone... The blogosphere in particular is a strange place to gauge the impact of our words. We know when our traffic is up, and there are people's comments to go by. But the majority of people who visit don't ever say anything, and we don't know if the people who visit are in any way affected by what we say.

It's just words floating out there in cyber space.

I still love it though, and now I have this interesting perspective to look at it through: writing as an exercise of hope.


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