It was actually a bit of a challenge to choose my charity for Blogathon. I know the suggestion is to choose something you're passionate about, but I'm just passionate about so many incredibly varied things, that I had a list of about 8 organizations before I finally chose READ Foundation.

So, why did I end up choosing READ?

Well, let me back up a bit and explain first that literacy is incredibly important to me. Because English is my second language, I think it instilled a determination to be the perfect speller, writer and speaker while I was growing up. (I actually did win my school spelling bee in 5th grade -- BOOYAH!) And though I've mentioned it on the blog before, I've never really focused on literacy, so I really wanted to go with that once I had it down to three organizations.

Ultimately, I chose READ simply because I think it's a great approach. The basis of their work is to match up teens with kids in kindergarten and 1st grade, and have the teens tutor the kids to improve their reading skills. I like that they have a track record for good results. I LOVE that they see the value in mentoring, and that their focus isn't only on the kids learning how to read, but also on what the teens can get out of the program. Being the responsible non-profit professional that I am, I also checked out their Charity Navigator info and liked what I saw.

So there you have it. If you think it's as worthwhile a cause as I do, remember that you can still sponsor me for the blogathon.


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