While I was researching the benefits of clothing swaps and reducing waste, I stumbled upon this post over at In Good Company about something called The Uniform Project.

There's a woman who is wearing the same dress every day for a year. She's using accessories to keep it fresh, but incorporating the dress into her outfit in some way. She's doing all of this to raise money for an organization that funds education for children in Mumbai by donating a dollar a day and asking others to donate as well. I think it's a really interesting and unique approach to the important problem of literacy around the world. ETA: I forgot to mention the name of the organization she's raising money for, it's called The Akanksha Foundation.

As the In Good Company post pointed out, this is also makes a statement about sustainability. Would you be able to mix and match your accessories and wear the same primary piece of clothing every day? There is so much waste in this country, and I think it's time we start getting creative about how we combat it.

Talk about new methods of activism...


At Sat Jul 25, 08:57:00 PM Noelle said...

Hi, that's a really cool idea! I'm not sure the people around me would take too kindly to me wearing the same clothes for a year, though. Checking in, be back later!


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