One of my very first posts here at JotB was an explanation of why I don't have an engagement ring even though I'm engaged. I still get asked why I don't have one on a regular basis, and I still don't see the point in having one.

In that post, I mentioned that I see engagement rings as a way of claiming your property, and I still feel that way. I think one of the biggest reasons I do is because there is no male equivalent. I didn't articulate that so much in the post, but it's actually the first thing I mention when people ask me about it in real life.

Well, hold on to your hats (or rings, I guess), because there is now an engagement ring for men. I wouldn't so much call it a trend, but this article points out that it's becoming more common for women to propose to their boyfriends and are asking to have rings made for them. And apparently there are men who just want to have a pretty ring for their own fingers.

The article also mentions in the very last paragraph:

But if anything can lend this phenomenon more staying power than the ill-fated mandal, it's that women are beginning to protest at being the only ones identified as off the market.
I have to say, it was a bit refreshing to see it right there on the screen that others agree with me that engagement rings are primarily worn to keep others at bay.

Now, I still have a problem with diamonds, how expensive they are, the fact that they're more of a status symbol than anything else, and all of that. So this just really makes me question, is it a good thing for men to wear engagement rings too? I suppose that it levels the playing field in terms of the whole off-limits, this is my property thing... But I don't see any of the other issues being resolved with this. In fact, I see that now instead of the man having to save all that money or take out a loan (yes, I know men who have done that!), both the man and the woman will have to do that. Which means they're starting their engagement a few thousand dollars out. And they can now plan their 20K+ wedding and start their marriage in debt. Yippeeeeee!


At Wed Oct 07, 03:03:00 PM Jennifer said...

My husband chose my engagement ring and got the matching band. Now that we are married, I hardly wear the engagement ring because it is always getting caught on something due to the setting sticking up but my wedding band has some diamond chips in a channel so it is just as pretty and a lot easier to wear then my engagement ring. I think guys and girls alike should be able to choose whether or not to wear an engagement ring this way you don’t waste money getting something the other will not wear.

At Thu May 06, 07:41:00 AM Engagement Rings said...

It feels good to wear a Engagement ring. Why should only women wear this. Guys can do the same there is no doubt on it. So guys do as you like because its a token of love.


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