Last year, I wrote an innocent little post reflecting on an article I had read about men wearing skirts. I had NO IDEA whatsoever that a year later, it would still be such a popular post. Several of the top search terms for people who visit the blog have something to do with men wearing skirts, skirts for men, shopping for a man skirt, etc. It is also the post with the most comments, including three in the last month.

I thought it'd be interesting to think about that a bit more, now with pictures!

I saw a post a while back on Sociological Images entitled Rejecting the Gender Binary in Fashion.
man in black outfit wearing a skirt
man in outfit wearing a denim skirt

Now, I don't know about you, but I think this is actually rather stylish! This guy looks AWESOME in those skirts. He rocks his skirts better than I rock mine.

From my original post:

The reason I find this so interesting is because I often bring up the issue of skirts when I am trying to convince people that masculinity and femininity cannot possibly be biological or else there wouldn't be so many social/cultural differences. As the article points out, there are articles of clothing in other cultures (consider kilts, sarongs, kaftans and the djellaba) that are like skirts. This doesn't take away from their masculinity, so why is it so appalling in the West?

I'm sure you see where I'm going with this: Masculine men in the West aren't supposed to wear skirts. If masculinity is natural and it's unmasculine for men to wear skirts, then it wouldn't be okay for men in other cultures to wear skirts either.

I still think this argument is 100% valid and important. Furthermore, reflecting on the comments on my original post, it seems there are at least some men out there who find skirts very functional and more appropriate and comfortable than pants. Some have gotten positive feedback, while others have gotten a lot of negativity thrown at them.

I think the key is still the same, norms and customs won't change unless more people push for them to change. As one anonymous commenter said:
Men, just do it! Go and wear skirts whenever you like!


At Sat Jul 25, 06:36:00 PM Chally said...

This comment is nothing insightful, just... I really like what that guy's wearing! I think we have a similar fashion sense.

At Sat Jul 25, 06:52:00 PM sally said...

hahaha right?! I really like his outfits! He's way more stylish than I am.

At Tue Sep 01, 07:33:00 AM Anonymous said...

Really surprising that skirts to men aren't like pants to women. Wear what you want whenever you wish. They are comfortable. My wife wife & daughters wear pants almost to the exclusion of skirts & dresses. I tried a skirt one hot summer day many years ago when one remarked that it was too bad that I couldn't wear a skirt like they do since it was so much more comfortable whenever the temperature & humidity are approaching 100%. On that dare I initiated myself to a few snickers. A skirt is MUCH more comfortable if you are a biological male. Trust me on that one. Never looked back. My wife has maybe two skirts in a closet of pants whereas I have three pairs of pants isolated in a closet filled with dresses & skirts. Never regretted the change.

When informed that skirts & dresses are women clothing it always seem to be said by a women who is wearing pants. If skirts & dresses are women's clothing, why aren't women wearing them? Duh!

Men really don't have to wear pants since they are clearly no longer a garment identified as belonging to the male gender.

Guys just need to emancipate themselves & get comfortable.

At Tue Nov 03, 06:20:00 PM Anonymous said...

Yes, get comfortable, guys. Not just that most men looking very good in skirts, it is about equality.
I think it is time to stop this double standards, men can not do or wear what women can. Not so long ago men knew what they want to wear, today the public telling them what to do and wear. Are these really this men we know and what we are expecting?
I don't think so. Men just wear what you like, be a manly, means "real" man and go skirted.....'Jumpf off the bridge'.

At Fri Nov 06, 05:29:00 PM Anonymous said...

Skirts for men aren't like trousers for women for that the skirts in history were both a women's and men's garment, trousers were made only for men. It's not emancipation but return to the type of clothes better to our anatomy. Skirts are comfortable, trousers aren't. Also trousers cause some serious medical problems (prostate cancer and infertility for example). Thus I say: it's time to change our thinking about skirts for men, not only for aesthetical and fashion causes. In fact, men in skirt with full men's outfit can be still manly (look Scotts, and many men in skirts with swords in the films).

At Tue Feb 09, 04:53:00 AM Robert said...

There is much to do about this issue. It has spanned from allowing it inschools to womens blogs. It is being discussed at teens, adults, males and females websites, especially since Nov. 2009. H & M Fashions have even negoitiated with several sporting goods stores or outlets to carry their line of UTILIKILTS. I support men and boys wearing skirts, skorts and kilts. If for no other reason then medical. In societies, it has been discovered, that there is an increased rate of testicular and prostrate cancers. I don't remember the universities that made the studies aforementioned. I can tell you this however that I am 59 yrs of age and my doctor has told me that I have the virility of an average 40 yr. old male. I think this may be because I've worn skirts since I was 11 yrs of age. I've also noticed that I perspire less down there and have never had the rashes associated with the region mentioned (jock itch). So there are benefits associated with it.

At Fri Apr 16, 06:31:00 PM Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with skirts for men. They are still manly with almost all style of skirts.
If men men would going to touch the feminine side in them they just have to wear blue-jeans like almost all girls.
The skirt for manly men is in.

At Sat Apr 17, 05:34:00 AM Robert said...

The biggest drawback is that most men fear change and the ridicule associated with men wearing any sort of womens clothing. Although skirts are not a "woman" garment, but are traditionally mens' wear. Look to the roman and greek soldiers, look to the celtic region, the irish, scottish and english have all worn some sort of skirt or dress. In africa the various tribes (men)wear a dress like garment. The same can be said for parts of asia.
Women didn't make pants a regular part of their fashion until WW2 when they went to work in Americas' factories.
Like I said earlier men need to liberated from one style of dress, especially in this country. Wearing a skirt or a dress will NOT turn you gay. It will Not cause changes in your physical anatomy.

At Tue Oct 05, 07:15:00 PM Anonymous said...

robert, I think we learned already that clothes are not changing any sexual orientation. It is just stupid to believe some kind of crap.
More men wearing skirts now, it is a slow movement, but it moves on. Since two years skirts on mainstream now, the reaction is still low, but more men waking up when they hear or read what causes actually testicle and prostate cancer.
Men just looking better in skirted garments than in pants, skirts are much more comfortable... we have just to learn to see real perspectives.

At Wed Oct 06, 08:03:00 AM Robert said...

There is an increase of men wearing skirts. It is also becoming more acceptable in our society. The thing that bothers me is why are not mothers buying them for their sons, at least their early teen boys (13 and older). This is the age when the testes are dropping into the scrotum sack. This when they are most vulnerable during the development of the male gender. As you know Cancer developes slowly, especially in that area. Parents need to aid them,, explain the risks involved and the ramifications of continuing of wear pants full time.
Wearing skirts will NOT turn them gay, that we know is genetic.
The next chapter is about younger boys. Under 13 years of age boys still think of girls as "ickey" so why not a progression similar to children's wear as they age. As babies all wear diapers, gowns and the like. As they age we change their clothing to older styles. Generally boys in pants girls in dresses. Why not add dresses to the boys wear, pants are already in the girls' wear. I have seen boys in Communion Dresses and Confirmation Dresses in some churches. I have also seen some in white Easter Dresses. All of these boys were under 13. They behaved just as typical boys do with the mothers admonishing them to stay clean. Just as if they were in a suit.

At Wed Sep 28, 12:33:00 PM Anonymous said...

I agree, manly men can and should wearing skirts.
I do it already and I got so many nice comments, people just recognizing me and like my outfit. Using pantyhose or stockings is a requirement for my job, but that's it.
I am not running for a competition with females because men and women have their own and very unique style to rresent their personality with their ecial kind of wardrobe.

It is just wonderful when I am in public and strange pele greeting, asking where I got the skirt, how I am feeling, etc. When wearing a kilt mostly I am confronted with a stereotype question: are you Scottish or does Scotts have to wear something under.

At Tue Dec 20, 05:35:00 PM Anonymous said...

I jumped over the bridge, and there was another bridge under it. But I am finally free to go that boring same way every day with dressing, I wear skirts whenever I want. Causal mostly denim or kilt style, formal pleated and dark with black pantyhose,mshirt, tie and jacket. Nowhere a bad comment, just nice small talks, thumbs up, etc.
I never will go back to just wearing pants era.

At Mon May 28, 01:21:00 PM Freedomlover said...

What man in his right mind wants an inseam attacking his anatomy every time he sits down? Those opposed to skirts for men have never been able to present an argument that is other than emotionally based. In other words, there are no valid arguments against men's skirts.

At Thu Nov 14, 07:52:00 AM ASOS said...

It should be the case that men can choose to wear that is more functional. There are men who are struggling with all types of medical issues related to keeping certain parts of their bodies in pants- which are much hotter than skirts sometimes. Society should not see that as the mark of a man.

At Sat Mar 22, 03:03:00 PM Gwen said...

Ladies certainly seem to like the thrill of guessing what's under those skirts.

At Wed Mar 16, 06:14:00 AM Patagoniakid said...

There is no need to design skirts for men! Skirts fit men just as well as women...its just a tube of cloth and some are more feminine than others. Find the ones that fit your personality. There are thousands of styles and kilts are just one of the styles. Kilts ARE skirts by definition (any dictionary

Skirts make more sense for males to wear than females based on anatomy alone... no freaking crotch binding inseams, cooler than shorts on a hot day and if short freedom of movement is outstanding! Leading clothing designers say there are no reasons for men not to wear skirts and men have worn skirts throughout time far longer than women have so it's nothing new.

Men ARE discovering the benefits of skirts for running, hiking, and sitting. They will be vogue soon. Don't believe it? Then see these guys in skirts and note they still look like men and are obviously NOT "cross dressing" to look like women but enjoying something most men have never even tried: and

At Sat Jul 30, 09:56:00 AM Nate said...

This article needs a revamp! I wear kilts on a regularmbasis and find them refreshing, PLUS in 2016 they are more accepted than in the recent past, do I get stupid comments ? YES but most comments are from kids asking parents why is he wearing a skirt? Parents. Thats a kilt honey, which is where I jump in and say. Nope it's a skirt, to be a kilt you have to go all natural underneith, otherwise its a skirt.

At Sat Jul 30, 12:57:00 PM Patagoniakid said...

Nate: The kids aren't entirely wrong. A Kilt IS a Skirt by definition (any dictionary). There are probably thousands of type of skirts and "Kilts" are one of those. A kilt is hot, heavy, usually tartan, and costly yet men can easily rock "women's" skirts. There is absolutely no need to design a "man's skirt". Out of thousands of styles women enjoy a few are perfect as is for men without changing anything. Top clothing designers say there are only two articles of clothing that are sex specific... the bra and jockstrap and that all else anyone can wear.
There are many skirts including "kilts" that look good on men and are very practical. See some short ones here:
PS: Very few Scots go commando yet they call them kilts. More info at if your into kilt style. Personally I prefer short skirts... (Plain cargo mini or micro mini skirts 11" to 13" long usually in heavy stretch twill with lots of pockets and belt loops. No one says anything!)cooler than shorts and outstanding freedom of movement you don't get from typical Kilt length.

At Sat Dec 22, 06:01:00 PM Unknown said...

I myself have been wearing skirts for about 2 yrs and love the freedom! And different fabrics and styles and I've also have great legs so I have been told by many females that they are jeolus of how I have better legs than they do lol😂 took a little while for my wife to open up to the idea I'm my wearing skirts because of some of the ignorant comments but she finally realized ppl like that have some sort of lack of education

At Thu Apr 09, 08:00:00 AM Patagoniakid said...

No need for a skirt made for men. Skirts worn by women fit men perfectly without modification. There are thousands of styles and some look and function great for men. Here's a few guys rocking short skirts and note they still look like men just as women in pants still look like women:
I maintain any guy man enough to try on a 5 pocket stretch denim mini skirt of about 11 to 13" long this summer won't want to give it up. Freedom you don't get from shorts; No crotch binding inseams, cooler than shorts, if really short freedom of movement is simply unlike anything men typically wear and best of all chicks are intrigued but you have to see for yourself...


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