I want to switch gears a bit and focus on an aspect of literacy that I had never given a lot of consideration to until I stumbled upon it while researching for the blogathon. The National Institute for Literacy has an entire section about education in correctional facilities.

In 1997, state prison inmates' educational levels were:
* 14.2% had an 8th grade education or less;
* 28.9% had some high school education;
* 25.1% had a GED;
* 18.5% were high school graduates;
* 10.7% had some college education; and
* 2.7% were college graduates or had advanced degrees.

In 1999, jail jurisdictions, which often include more than one jail facility, offered the following types of programs:
* 55% had a secondary education program;
* 25% had a basic adult education program;
* 11% a special education program;
* 9% a study release program;
* 6% a vocational program; and
* 3% a college program.

In our society, we are taught to forget all about the people in correctional facilities. We're encouraged to ignore them and told that many of them don't deserve to live among us, and the others are best tolerated if they don't get in our way.

But they need our resources too. Correctional education programs need to be strengthened. Consider these stats:
* the re-arrest rate of correctional education participants was 48%, compared to 57% for the non-participants;
* re-conviction rate was 27% for correctional educational participants, compared to 35% for non-participants; and
* re-incarceration rate was 21%, compared to 31% for non-participants.

For more information, check out the Correctional Education Association.


At Sat Jul 25, 03:32:00 PM Noelle said...

Hi, Here again! Wow, those are some interesting stats! Just checking in, hope everything's OK.


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