When I decided to sign up for the blogathon and raise money for READ Foundation, I knew that I wanted to include several posts about literacy. I find that literacy is one of those things that seems like a given, so it doesn't get very much attention. My hope is that after keeping up with my blogathon posts, you'll want to support literacy efforts and organizations a bit more.

Anyhoodles, what I've got planned for the next couple of hours are some posts about literacy in the U.S. and around the world. I've got some stats and links, with some commentary as well. I'd love you all to share links in the comments with your own information about what I discuss in each post. This is a great chance to have a dialogue about what we can do to improve the education these younger generations receive. They'll be running the show one day, after all, so we all have a vested interest in this.

Stay tuned for more! And don't forget, you can still sponsor me to support READ.


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