In less then 24 hours, I'll be starting Blogathon 2009 right here at JotB. I'll be blogging every half hour from 9 a.m. EST tomorrow (Saturday, July 25) through 9 a.m. EST Sunday (check here for your local time zone equivalent). I'm already sort of panicking and exhausted at the thought, but what keeps me going is that I'm raising money for READ Foundation, an awesome organization that has teens tutor kids to learn how to read.

Over the past few days, I've been working on a rough schedule for the blogathon to let folks know what to expect. I'll be doing some of the usual: feminism, blog-hopping, plenty of music breaks (maybe even a blast from the past or song title post -- haven't done those in months!), and a couple of reviews/reflections. I also want to highlight the issue of literacy to reinforce the need for organizations like READ. It'll be an interesting mix of things that I think folks will enjoy reading and keeping up with. Like the good old days at JotB when I actually had time to blog, just in micro version.

I'm currently at $119 $129 in sponsorships! I'm really excited because even though my goal is $250, I didn't think I'd even break $100. But now that I have, please help me get to $250! It's easy as pie -- just create a login, and enter your pledge! Seriously, every dollar helps, so if that's all you can give, then by all means do so.

And please stop by throughout the blogathon to keep me sane. I fear losing my motivation and blogging "must. drink. coffee." for 12 hours.


At Fri Jul 24, 03:36:00 PM Laura said...

I'm really excited to read all of your posts tomorrow!

At Fri Jul 24, 11:09:00 PM Noelle said...

Hi, I'm your monitor for blogathon! I didn't think I would break $100 either, but just tonight, (I'm on pacific time,) I did. May I ask one small favor, (just as a personal request?) Could you please disable your captcha, (the word verrification thing?) I'm blind so disabling it will make it easier and faster for me. Thanks! Oh yeah, here's my contact information
aim: webdeva83
live messenger: I'm having problems with this one, but if you send me a message, I should get it.
email: born2fly83[@]
twitter: webgurl is also my name on the blogathon forums.
my blog: See you in the morning!

At Fri Jul 24, 11:15:00 PM frau sally benz said...

Thanks Noelle! Just disabled the captcha -- I knew there was something on my blogathon prep list I hadn't done yet. Hope you get some rest for the a.m.


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