A few months ago, I attended a screening of the documentary What's Your Point, Honey? and have been wanting to spread the word about this awesome film ever since.

The documentary tells the story of the young women in CosmoGirl's Project 2024, an internship program with the mission of having one of the participants become President by 2024. These young women come from very diverse backgrounds and we see them interact with their families, take on the challenges of their internships, and discuss the gender gap in politics. They were of different races and ethnicities, had different hobbies, majors and career goals, but all had an incredible set of leadership skills.

As a juxtaposition to that, the documentary also follows two younger groups of girls.
One is a group of middle schoolers as they navigate those awkward, stressful times. They are actually reading The Feminine Mystique (I didn't even know that book existed until college) and it's interesting to see what the students take out of the book.

But I have to admit that I had the most fun watching the youngest girls who walked around interviewing strangers about the possibility of a woman president, and sat around to discuss social inequality and their future goals. Kids really do say the darnedest things, but those girls were wise beyond their years. They even made their own voting booths to find out if people really would vote for a woman president.

I don't usually buy movies, opting to watch them on Netflix instead, but I have to say that I purchased this movie right after watching it and have seen it twice since. I strongly recommend that all of you at least rent this on iTunes to watch it once. There are links for buying and renting the movie on the film's website. What I also love about the film's website is what's filed under "honey" stuff: some cool guides! There's a viewer's guide, and study guides for middle/high school and college. They have information about the film, how the film was made, where the young women are in now, and even a crossword puzzle.

The stories of the young women as well as the two younger groups left me feeling hopeful about the future and eager to help shape the lives of our future leaders.


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