UPDATE: I've taken the plunge and signed up for Blogathon 2009. I chose READ Foundation as the charity I'm supporting, so please sign up to be one of my sponsors.

I recently learned about Blogathon 2009 and got really excited about the idea of participating. For those who don't know, a blogathon is where you blog regularly for 24 hours straight and get sponsored for that in order to raise money for charity. It's a lot of time and a lot of work, but I love blogging, and I love non-profit/charity work, so it's right up my ally.

The only thing slowing me down at the moment (well, aside from coming up with content, getting folks to sponsor me, and figuring out how to stay awake for that long) is that I have to choose only one charity to raise money for through the blogathon. As you all might have noticed over time, I have a lot of philanthropic interests, so choosing just one is harder than I thought it'd be. I've thought of several organizations I'd like to support, with missions ranging from literacy to rape crisis counseling to immigrant rights and a lot more in between.

So I'm turning to you all for some ideas on this. What charities do you recommend? If possible, I'd like to support one that isn't currently on the list of charities for Blogathon 2009. There are a couple that people have suggested on Twitter and elsewhere that I like -- READ Foundation is one, Lilith Fund is another. Let me know what you think so I can keep mulling it over. I'd like to decide some time before the end of this week so I can start preparing.


At Fri Jul 17, 09:41:00 AM Cara said...

The Lilith Fund sounds really awesome to me! There are so many awesome orgs . . . I myself came up with the idea of supporting SAFER several months ago, and when it came to signing up, I just had to force myself to stick with it and ignore all the voices in the back of my head saying "but what about! -- and!" Or I never would have finally filled out the little web form :)

Remember that you need to sign up by July 22! I hope you end up doing it!


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