Alright, I'm losing steam over here, but at least I took some time to read through other blogathon bloggers for a bit. Below is some stuff to keep you entertained. Oh, and I haven't reached my goal yet of raising $250 for READ Foundation, but luckily, you still have time to sponsor me!

Alex is blogging about female characters on the small screen and she's posted some great ones, including Laura Roslin on BSG!

duncan heights has a post about naming in NY that made me smile quite a bit. DUMBO and TriBeCa have always been my faves.

Quirky Charm posted about LEMONADE! Those who follow me on Twitter know that I am constantly craving, searching for, or otherwise enjoying lemonade. (Seriously, I just subscribed to this blog and will be trying her strawberry lemonade recipe as soon as this blogathon is over.)

Cara has started her Beatles blogging! It's definitely helping me stay up, I can tell you that much. She's explained why Abbey Road is her favorite album (it's my favorite too, by the way) and she's posted the funniest Beatles video EVAH.


At Sun Jul 26, 04:49:00 AM Noelle said...

Hi, I'm back and checking in! Cool! I haven't really gotten to do a lot of aimless surfing, (so this helps!)


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