We've passed the 12-hour mark for the blogathon, and I've finally gotten a chance to check out some of the other blogathon bloggers. Below are some posts I've been reading and the blogs they came from. Don't forget that you still have time left to sponsor me as I keep on blogging. Unfortunately, I haven't gotten any new sponsors throughout the day so I'm still at $154 trying to reach my goal of $250, but hopefully some potential sponsors are still out there! Are you one of them?!

My Blogathon monitor, Noelle, had a list of favorite candy that made me seriously crave peanut butter cups, kit kat, and airheads. I just need to get somebody to go to the store for me...

Then there was this post at Quirky Charms about cupcakes that had me salivating. Maybe I'll bake some brownies during my next break.

Cara has been posting some incredible stuff (no idea how she's getting through all of them), but I really liked one about the intersection of rape and race, and the one right after about rape and immigrant women.

The Not-Writer has up some random ramblings about hope that I really liked.

Read All About It is posting mad libs, and the Jane Eyre one cracked me up.

What blogathon posts have you been reading? Share the links so I can check them out. All this writing leaves little time for reading, but I hope to take a break some time soon.


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