I'm still trying to recuperate from the Blogathon -- my internal clock is a bit out of wack, but my brain is still running around thinking of post ideas and drafting outlines.

Apologies to those of you who weren't around during the blogathon and are now overwhelmed by all of these new posts! You can browse through the blogathon 09 tag to see them all clumped together, but I'm going to try to organize them later today or tomorrow so you can skip the "omg what do I write about now" posts and read the more meaty content. I also hope to re-read these posts myself and have a sort of "best of" compilation because I don't even remember the first half of the blogathon anymore, my brain is just too scrambled.

Just wanted to remind you all again that even though the blogathon is over, you can still sponsor me so that I can try to reach my goal of $250 for READ Foundation. Learn more about the organization and why I chose it, and then create a login and sponsor me. By the end of the 24 hours, I raised $159, so I have another $91 to go! Please, please, please try to donate even $5 to this great cause.


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