I've been busy packing, cleaning, storing, moving for the past week, including a major move that resulted in my getting two hours of sleep last night. Fun!!! I haven't had time for bar-hopping OR blog-hopping, but I did some just for you all so you can see what's been going on out there in bloglandia. So, let's jump right in...

I learned from Renee that the Matthew Shepard Foundation is refusing Perez Hilton's money because of his use of a gay slur. Perez Hilton is a moron and the foundation rocks for doing the right thing.

Renee also has a post up about the incredibly gross Burger King ad. You've got to see that crap... Seriously, BK?! Seriously?! WTF...

BFP's got a great reminder for us all: we need to respect the boundaries of our bodies. I've already read this post twice just to see if that will help it really sink in. I will likely need to read it another 200 times for that to happen though.

Nezua has a post up about the issues of privacy, safety, accountability, authenticity, and more on these here interwebs, particularly in terms of the immigrant voice and story. Um... it rocks. Period.

Monica shared some great news this weekend -- the Jena 6 are finally free! Two years have passed since they were charged with attempted murder, but they've finally gotten justice. (You can see a couple of Monica's previous posts on the Jena 6 here and here.

Oh, and hey! Join me in welcoming Laura to the blogosphere! She was at the feminist blogging workshop that Amy, Veronica and I facilitated at the NOW conference last weekend. Check her out homies, including the post on princesses falling from grace.

What have y'all been reading/writing lately?

ETA: Apparently I kept this tab open but didn't link to it because I'm a dodo brain... or maybe it's because I only slept two hours... Anyhoodles, T.R Xands likes talking about skin bleaching (alright, not exactly), and the latest post is great, in my opinion. This is supposedly the last post but I'll believe it when I see it. (I kid, I kid. Xands and I are friends on twitter, that's my qualifying statement lol)


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