The blogosphere has been very active the past couple of weeks, though I'm just starting to catch up with it now. In case you've been out of it too, or just need some great reading material for the moment, here's a nice little round-up for you of things I wanted to write about but haven't had time to yet!

Last week, Gallup announced that for the first time EVAAAAH (ok, not exactly), more Americans are pro-life than pro-choice. Cara at Feministe has some thoughts on that, that I mostly agree with.

Renee at Womanist Musings posted a video called "which side are YOU on?" along with some great reflections that I need to sit back and munch on. She had me at "When it comes to justice there are no grey areas, only black or white."

Maegan (aka Mamita Mala) has a great post up at Vivir Latino about the portrait of immigrant women. Her points about the language used when presenting the stats might be more telling than the stats themselves, which I don't think are very surprising to most of us.

Julia Serano (who I hung out with at WAM!, how cool am I?!) has a 101 post up about the term "cis" and cis privilege. If you have no idea what I'm talking about and are making weird faces at the computer screen, please read it. If you do know what I'm talking about, you should read it too. (Really, the entire Whipping Girl FAQ section is good stuff, read it when you get a chance.)

I completely missed International Day Against Homophobia & Transphobia on May 17, but here are some folks who didn't: Amelia at Female Impersonator, Cara at Feministe, and Helen at Questioning Transphobia. Know of any others? Drop a link in the comments & I'll update the post.

This past weekend, President Obama gave the commencement speech at Notre Dame, and Monica from Transgriot has it up. I haven't actually read or seen the whole thing yet, but I know a couple of people have mentioned that they want to write their reflections on it, so I'll post those as soon as they're up. If I can make enough time to watch it tonight, I'll post my own reactions soon.

ETA: Our beloved Secretary Clinton spoke at Barnard's commencement, and I like what I'm reading about it so far. I need to read her speech in full when I get a chance.

I've also discovered The “Blog” of “Unnecessary” Quotation Marks which I've been enjoying immensely! I love having fun with "English" and its "quirks" and "stuff."


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