Through Questioning Transphobia and The Curvature, I learned about the campaign in remembrance of Angie Zapata. The name might sound familiar -- I wrote about her death back in July. The trial against her alleged murderer is set to start today, April 14, and the case marks the first time that somebody accused of murdering a transgender person is being tried as having committed a hate crime.

Angie's family and friends have teamed up with several groups to create a coalition to end the hate. Together, they created a media campaign with ads placed throughout Colorado, and an online campaign using social media to spread the word about the trial and to honor her memory. To do this, they're asking us to light a candle for Angie.

Light a candle for Angie on Facebook. The main site is here, but there's a Facebook fan page you can join, or you can become a friend on MySpace, or follow @justiceforangie on Twitter. If you have a blog, you can easily post this image linking back to the Facebook fan page, or create an image of your own for a post or your sidebar as I've done.

What they're asking of us is really the least we could possibly do, so I do hope all of my readers will join me in lighting a candle for Angie Zapata in some way.

I sincerely hope justice prevails in this case and that people who commit crimes like these finally realize that their actions have consequences. Perhaps then we can see an end to them.


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