Via RH Reality Check, I've learned that the inevitable has happened: D.R. has changed their constitution to state that life begins at conception, completely outlawing abortion.

As I wrote a few days ago, this change was proposed by Dominican President, Leonel Fernandez, and the movement was backed by a few U.S. groups.

I know this is sometimes the point where groups admit defeat, so to speak, but I really think there's an opportunity here for U.S. pro-choice groups to lend stronger support to Dominican groups. The pro-life/pro-birth/anti-choice* folks are fundraising machines and they always seem to be moving two steps ahead of the rest of us. We need an overarching strategy that is not only ahead of the times, but also transnational and more collaborative. Perhaps it's time to go back to the drawing board, engage in some major conversation, and develop a new approach.

Does anybody have any ideas?

*I've yet to decide what term I'm going to be using for "the other side," so I'll just use all of them until I choose.


At Fri Apr 24, 02:33:00 PM woratyl said...

Maybe you should say "forced birth" instead of pro-birth? I think you can, I don't know, be pro-birth (as in you think it's cool) without thinking people should be forced into it. For instance, I would call myself pro-garlic, but I would never force anyone to eat it if they don't want to or if it would kill them. :)

And wow, how much does this news suck. :( Thanks for writing about it -- so often the pro-choice movement in Western countries is way too US-focused.

At Fri Apr 24, 03:25:00 PM Anonymous said...

I used to work in the D.R. and I agree, this is awful. I also wrote an article on it here:

Thanks for writing about this.

At Mon Apr 27, 12:29:00 PM Tas* said...

I think its horrible. I live at the Dominican Republic and you wouldnt even believe the amount of illegal abortions practiced here in the country, more than 100,000.00 a year, its quite of a juicy bussines, you know?

And what about the church? Dont get me started on them, always messing with the goverment, sometimes I think that theres no such thing as a ''goverment'' but the will of the church, sad, sad, sad...


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