I've never heard of this Carl's Jr. place, but WOW those are some commercials, huh? This Target Women isn't as funny as usual, mostly because these are some really douchebaggy commercials and this is more of a commentary on that than anything else. It was still pretty funny though, and you know I love stunts. =)

(Click here if you can't see the video.)


At Fri Apr 03, 04:33:00 PM earlgreyrooibos said...

Carl's, Jr. is all over the place in Austin. I've never been there because

1) I highly doubt they have decent vegetarian options

2) I don't like most fast food anyway

Well, it's nice to know I have a THIRD reason to never set foot in that place.

At Fri Apr 03, 04:47:00 PM frau sally benz said...

It's sad because my thought when watching the food in the commercials was "oh wow, I could really use a burger right now..." But not one from Carl's Jr! Makes me glad that all I watch are Sonic commercials even though it's torture that the nearest one is something like an 8-hour drive.


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