Potentially NSFW.

During my nightly ritual of giving my email and google reader one last read-through, I discovered this picture and couldn't NOT post it.

I think with all the talk lately of the "mow the lawn" commercials, it annoys me to see that these messages are, of course, not limited to our television sets. But LOVE taking the power back. Let's all do more of this, yes?

Ad for bikini hair trimmer.
For those who can't see the image, it's an ad for a bikini line trimmer that shows a woman's white, seemingly naked silhouette. Somebody wrote in red ink "I guess it doesn't matter what's up here" where the brain would be, "or in here" where the heart would be, "as long as there's no hair here" where the vagina is.

I have no other commentary, because it pretty much speaks for itself. Am I the only one totally loving this? Good old-fashioned activism at its finest.


At Tue Apr 07, 12:03:00 AM abby jean said...

thanks for posting this - it's been frustrating to see those mow the lawn ads going around. i feel like the only commentary ever heard on unshaved vaginas is "shave that and then i'll fuck it" - because my only consideration when deciding whether and how to manage my pubic hair is whether or not this guy wants to fuck me. ARGH. so it's nice to see another message!

At Tue Apr 07, 03:05:00 AM ouyangdan said...

I love graffiti activism! That's awesome.

At Tue Apr 07, 07:08:00 AM bowloffoxtrot said...

That was pleasant to wake up to - sometimes it feels like the internet is the only place I get any kind of reasonable message about what my body should look like. Seeing a handwritten comment like that made me feel a bit better about going out into the world instead of spending the day cuddling my cats.

(And thanks also for the explanation of the image - apparently, I'm still half-asleep and read the image as talking about head hair and armpit hair, rather than bodily organs.)

At Tue Apr 07, 07:49:00 AM Raven's said...

hey sally! i love this lil piece and was wondering if you would allow us to cross post it at raven's eye? raveneye.org if you are interested please email us at ravenseyeblog@gmail.com

At Thu Apr 09, 09:36:00 AM FeministGal said...

i've gotten so much more interest in this subject than any other from readers lately! I've received 4 emails from separate people drawing my attention to the razor commercials - women are HATING these expectations of hairlessness - it's so interesting how people will protest this! great post :) :)


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