I've spent the past few days brainstorming (with the help of some great people) ideas for a Women's History Month series. I'm happy to say, I've finally got it down!

Every Monday and Friday for the rest of March, I'll be highlighting the life and accomplishments of talented, inspirational, and influential women. These women represent a number of different fields and time periods, but have at least one thing in common: their Latina heritage.

I've been feeling the need to get reconnected to my culture lately, and I think this is going to be a great project for myself. More importantly, however, this is going to be a good time to give these women a bit more exposure. A few of them might be household names for some, but I'm sure there are plenty out there who have never heard of some of them.

I've got a lot of work to do and have enlisted the help of some friends in researching these women. I know a bit about all of them, because they've all inspired me in some way throughout my life, but I really want to delve in a bit deeper.

So who are these wonderful women, you ask? I don't want to give it all away, but I'll leave you with some hints...

In this group of women we've got:
revolutionaries, activists, writers, poets, and artists
Puerto Rican, Mexican and Dominican descent
at least a dozen awards
more than a dozen children*
countless films
a span of 100+ years

Let the guessing begin... though I won't actually tell you if you're right or wrong, of course. ;)

Okay, okay, your last hint is that there was a short period of four years when they were all sharing this great big earth. *evil grin*

Stay tuned for the first profile coming up on Monday!

*I already know it's coming from somebody so, no, I don't mean to say motherhood is the most defining role, but damn it, let's be proud of the fact that these women accomplished shitloads between all of them and still raised a shitload of kids.


At Fri Mar 06, 11:30:00 AM Renee said...

I look forward to reading your series and I must say you just love to keep people in suspense.

At Fri Mar 06, 12:41:00 PM frau sally benz said...

You're right about that Renee! I do love me some suspense!

At Sat Mar 07, 05:09:00 AM Chally said...

Sounds fantastic!


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