In my Women's History Month series, Legendary Latinas, I'll be writing about a number of Latinas that have been an inspiration to me in some way or another. In order to bring them some exposure and celebrate their accomplishments, I have included biographical information in addition to my own analysis and personal reflections.

This is where the disclaimer comes in...

I've been in love with all of these women for a large part of my life, so I've read quite a bit about most of them. I never expected to write anything formal down, so I'm afraid I haven't kept the greatest notes over the years in terms of detailing what book and page I got some scrap of information from. I tried to find internet sources for some of the facts, especially the ones I thought people might question, but the rest is from memory. If I was unsure of something and couldn't find verification online, I asked the people in my life who are "experts" about whichever woman I had a question on. If they confirmed my memory, I included it, and if they had no idea what I was talking about, I took it out.

All of that said, if there is something you have a question about, or have conflicting information on, please do call me out on it by leaving a comment or emailing me. I'll keep adding sources as I find them, and please send me whatever you have that you think I should add as well.


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