Yep, I said it, because the first day of my period really sucks and everyone in the world should know it. So while I long for a nice, hot shower, yoga, and my bed, please enjoy these links of love:

Renee's series of interviews in honor of International Women's Day is the shiznit, so please do read all of those. While you're at it, you should also read her latest piece about class warfare over at Global Comment.

There's a review of The Reader by Anxious Black Woman that I think is very thoughtful and similar to my own thoughts on the film -- which I loved, by the way, just because of the unexpected feelings it stirred. (Some spoilers, but really no more than you can gather from the previews/trailers.)

Jessica Yee share what she wants for International Women's Day over at Racialicious.

Aaminah Hernandez has a guest post up at Problem Chylde about the ways white feminists discredit WOC. It's one of those posts that left me feeling annoyed, discouraged, not alone, happy to be in good company, and uncertain about my role as a blogger all at the same time (which might sound like a diss, but is actually a compliment!).

The F-Word has some great coverage from Million Women Rise, an event protesting violence against women in London. There are pictures, a video, and lots of links.

And some quick hits to leave you off with (updated w/a couple more):


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