So while I try to get through the cloudy-mindedness I'm experiencing right now, please enjoy the latest news on the Beatles Rock Band, the new Harry Potter HBP trailer, and posts by other people who are not experiencing cloudy-mindedness:

The G Spot has some thoughts about Emily's List and what the limitations are in only endorsing women.

I learned through Vivir Latino that MTV has a movie about Pedro Zamora, the Real World: San Francisco cast member who was HIV-positive. I'm really excited about this because Pedro is my first real memory of an openly gay man, and somebody with HIV (I was a wee youngun at the time).

Guanabee has some stats on how the recession is hurting Latinos more than other groups. I would probably guess that the rise in this "hunt down the illegals" mentality also has something to do with the stats, but hey, maybe that's just me...

M. LeBlanc at Bitch Ph.D. is taking steps away from things that lead to body alienation, and the latest is abandoning makeup. I'm sure none of you are surprised to learn that I don't really wear makeup, so it's nice to see others echoing what I've always said.

Something I don't hear a lot of these days, trying to have a baby during the recession. I can't even imagine what it's like to decide you want to get pregnant and then having the economy implode, so I'm happy Deborah shared this.

Check out some footage from the California rallies urging the court to repeal Prop 8. The idea of somebody's marriage being "in limbo" is just too sad UGH!

EDITED TO ADD: Cara's post about hospital visitation rights. Oh darn, that one made me all teary-eyed. Please, please read it.


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