I know I'm not the only one who feels this way, but I just really have to stress how much I can't stand that the photos of Rihanna's bruises were made public -- it is NOT okay with me. I've been trying to not say much about this whole Chris Brown/Rihanna fiasco until we learn everything that happened* but this is just beyond comprehension to me.

I get that photos of abuse victims have in the past come out in public, but that doesn't make it right. And I get that for a lot of people, seeing these images will make it more real and make them consider that perhaps Chris Brown is not a god and Rihanna is actually hurt, but those people are asshats and should start evaluating their priorities anyway. No matter what happened, if he hit her or somebody else, or if she hit him and he was acting in self defense, or if nobody hit her and a piano fell from the sky and landed on her, I don't care! SHE IS GOING THROUGH HELL RIGHT NOW! Why does the media and everyone linking to the photo(s)** think it's ok to make a buck out of this?

And, no, I will not link to it/them. And, no, I don't think that you should go searching now that you're reading this.

Have some respect, class, decency.

This is not some soap opera or TV drama. This is REAL LIFE. HER real life. Respect that.

*This is not because I think that something would justify him hitting her, but because I think that speaking out too soon can sometimes be less effective. If you make three points and it turns out that one or two of them are proven incorrect, that leaves room for people to throw out your entire argument. This isn't fair, but this is what happens.

**I don't know how many photos are out there. Honestly, I would not ever have seen the picture I did if it had not been plastered on the screen during the intro to the news. I don't know who has posted it/them, how many there are, or how long they've been up. From the moment I learned through Twitter that they were on the web, I've been trying to avoid them like the plague.


At Fri Feb 20, 02:58:00 PM BigFred said...

I pretty much agree with what you said here. I also thought of the Caylee Anthony case and how many people are profiting off of her now. I mean really, Caylee dolls?

At Fri Feb 20, 04:11:00 PM frau sally benz said...

Really, there must be a part of my brain that is completely absent in their brains. Or vice versa.

I just can't understand people who try to profit from things like this. I realize that I shouldn't be surprised, but it's just inconceivable to me that we are always seeing problems like this.

I am so upset by this today, especially blogs that I regularly read and usually like not only linking to the photo, but actually posting it. It's so gross.

At Fri Feb 20, 04:36:00 PM Sady said...

Yyyyyeah. I figured it would just be a matter of time before the photo got leaked - or, worse, some random photographer got sneaky and greedy enough to invade her privacy and take a photo of her while she's recuperating - but knowing it's out there is just awful. And, as much as I want to write about the Rihanna/Chris Brown thing insofar as it's bringing the ways we talk about partner violence into the light, and letting us examine that ugliness - which I've done a lot of, already - the only thing I can think to do now is just not acknowledge it on my blog. Because knowing it's out there and knowing where to find it (and, yeah, eventually seeing it pop up on blogs I read) just gets into this whole scary mental place where Rihanna isn't a person any more, she's a Famous and everyone has some "right" to see everything, no matter how much of a violation that comprises. And dehumanizing her enough to brutalize her or approve brutalizing her is what this was all about in the first place. Yikes.

At Fri Feb 20, 08:07:00 PM Danny said...

This has definitely gotten out of hand. This situation is all over the place and people are coming out of the woodwork to use this to push their agenda.

What scares me are all those "funds", "organizations", and "charities" out there that will use this as a part of their scam to get money.


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