You are all well aware of the fact that music basically runs my life. It's no surprise, then, that I watched and enjoyed the Grammy's (though they did seem to last an eternity).

My favorite part?

MIA appearing fully pregnant (she was actually DUE that day) in the awesomest "hi, did you know I'm bloody PREGNANT?!" outfit ever! Polka-dot cut-outs and mesh is the only way to go for maternity wear in 2009, didn't you get the memo?

Of course, I think this was one of the best performances of the night (if not the best) and would have thought that sans belly. But, damn, did she raise it to new heights for me. Rock the f'k out, MIA!


At Wed Feb 11, 11:44:00 PM Feminist in the City said...

Couldn't agree more! Amazing performance with or without the pregnant belly but I have to say that was stellar! How about Chris Brown and Rihanna not attending over the domestic dispute controversy? Let's hope that she is ok and that justice will be served!


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