Wowsers, so who knew this Facebook meme was so huge?!

I should've realized there was something interesting going on when I suddenly had a little spurt in traffic from people searching for some variation of "25 random things Facebook." But now there's this NYT article about the meme and the spurt in traffic has become a spike -- yippee for my daily average!

I think everyone needs to post this darn meme. I'd love to read what my readers/commenters have to say! If you jump on the bandwagon, let me know by leaving a comment.


At Sat Feb 07, 06:42:00 AM Chally said...

It is everywhere, isn't it? I got tagged on Facebook and I think I'll do it tomorrow.

And hi, this is me coming through on my commenting promise. ;)

At Mon Feb 09, 01:03:00 PM Danny said...

Since this is a lot less threatening that jumping off a bridge I don't mind doing because everyone else is.

I see your 25...


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