Hi there to all the new readers from Feministe, AlterNet (thanks Cara!), StumbleUpon (thanks Skye!), and elsewhere!!!

If you're new here, or just haven't read some of the older posts, or just want to read them again for a trip down memory lane, here are some of the most popular posts you can catch up on:

In On Underground Abortions, Anti-Choice & Pro-Life, I looked at some of the reasons women might choose to have an unconventional, "underground" abortion, and also considered the anti-choice vs. pro-life labels.

For Refuse Thy Name??, I explained some of my reasons for choosing to take my guy's name when we get married, but also expressed my frustration at the fact that men never even need to have the conversation.

On Open Relationships was my call for resources on polyamorous relationships. I want to examine it from a feminist perspective here at the blog some time soon (I'm still working on my first post for that).

And, most recently, Join My War on Facebook explains my annoyance with the ads on Facebook. It seems everybody hates those, so I'm trying to fight back.

So please read and comment as much as you'd like, subscribe by reader or email, and come on back for more soon.


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