So here's some info on the RSS feed here at JotB. Back when I switched my URL and updated my feed through FeedBurner, a lot of readers didn't get to make the change in their readers/bookmarks and have been using the old feed (the takeajump feed from way back when). A couple of months ago, that feed stopped updating and all of you thought I'd fallen off the face of the earth. But have no fear, because now that Google and FeedBurner are a happy family, they updated the feed and you know that I'm alive again! YIPPEE!

Unfortunately, this means that your readers/bookmarks have suddenly become flooded with my posts -- sorry about that. But at least now we're all back together again.

So if you want to keep the old feed which seems to be working again, go on with your bad selves. However, the new feed (that will hopefully still work as well??) is over on the sidebar to the right --->

There's the conclusion of my little investigation into this. Glad to have you all back! Please feel free to comment on the posts you missed. ENJOY!!


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