As I was telling my friend, I thought at first that this whole "Joe the Plumber" thing was some sort of act/gimmick. I thought no person in the world could be so stupid as to say the dumb things he says or act like a complete buffoon all the time. Oh my, I think I'm wrong. Please check out these videos to see what I'm talking about.

"Joe the Plumber" being a moron

Rick Sanchez apparently making the same realization I've just made

(H/T Guanabee)


At Fri Jan 16, 03:48:00 PM incertus said...

When Rick Sanchez calls you out, you're know it's bad, because he's one of the most fluff-headed people on television, and that's saying something. The video of him submitting to a taser shot is the kind of thing I can watch over and over and never get tired of. So for him to recognize the stupidity of Joe the Plumber and call him out like that is really saying something.

At Fri Jan 16, 04:20:00 PM Renee said...

I loved when Sanchez took him tio talk for what he said. The mans ignorance knows no bounds and this is the longest 15 minutes in history. I will say that the mainstream media is helping his fame by continuing to report on his idiocy.

At Sat Jan 17, 12:26:00 AM BigFred said...

Watching Sanchez talk about him was hilarious.

At Mon Jan 19, 09:59:00 AM frau sally benz said...

Sanchez is definitely not the brightest, so it does add an extra layer of comedy to see him take him down like that.


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