I just learned some rather interesting news from Guanabee: "Justice Department Launches Federal Inquiry Into Attacks On Latinos In Long Island"

You'll remember that I wrote about the attack on Marcelo Lucero a couple of months ago. I haven't written about the various other attacks throughout Long Island (and really, the rest of the country) because it is one of the few things that literally makes me too upset to write about. Just writing that post in November was huge for me simply because I was able to at least remain coherent in the post.

I'm not entirely optimistic about the outcome of this inquiry. While the concentration of Latinos in Long Island, combined with the stark difference between (and close proximity of) affluent and poor neighborhoods, probably makes it a hotbed for these crimes, they're not exactly unique to LI either. They're happening all around the country, and it's something new every day. Are they trying to use LI to set an example? Or are they doing it so they're able to say "see, we care?" I don't really know the answer to that, and only time will tell. But my hope is it's the former and that these attacks will stop being so damn common.


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