Fourth Wave Feminism has just started a feminist blogger interview series - WOOT! As per Aviva's description:

The second Friday of every month, we'll be posting an interview with a feminist blogger. I anticipate it will be an excellent opportunity for FWF readers to learn a little bit about another blogger and help us all appreciate, one blog at a time, the great diversity that is the feminist blogosphere.

Aviva, in her truly awesome ways, invited little old me to be the first interviewee in her series and I couldn't very well deny her request. So go check out the interview and let Aviva know if you're interested in being interviewed by emailing fourthwave[dot]feminism[at]gmail[dot]com


At Sun Jan 18, 05:02:00 PM habladora said...

I really enjoyed your interview at Fourth Wave Feminism... it is great to be able to read a conversation between two writers I admire.

At Mon Jan 19, 12:39:00 PM aviva said...

Thanks again, Sally. You rock!


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