Some pre-New Year's reflection...

I have only been blogging since May, yet it feels like an eternity. I really hope to spend more time working on the blog in the new year, bringing you a mix of thought-provoking posts about activism, feminism, and politics, and the yummy brain candy I like to throw in so often.

More than just thinking about the blog itself, though, I feel compelled to thank some of my loyal readers/commenters/supporters.

Habladora has been fantabulous since day 1 and really gave me the confidence I needed while I was all over the place about what blogging meant. I still remember how excited I was when she invited me to be a contributor over at The Feminist Underground -- oh snap, that felt awesome! Also, I speak about her to my guy as if she's an old friend which is weird, but not at all stalker-like, HAHA! We need to meet for reals!

Renee's awesomeness and consistency keeps me motivated to dig deeper and write honestly. I shall try to let go of my fears a bit more in the new year! She is also very encouraging even as she's become this popular blogger leaving the rest of us behind in the dust.

FeministGal has been quiet as of late here and on her own blog, but she's so super-duper nice, smart, funny, etc. that I couldn't forget about her. Come back to us, FeministGal! Plus, her jewelry is beautiful, and I plug it every chance I get. (No, I don't get a cut of the profit, but I do hope that someday a reader will feel generous and buy me something.)

More recently, Danny's blog has become one of my favorites. I feel like I'm starting some sort of blog-affair with him, but he's great and always has something interesting to say. I love reading his comments on other blogs too, and hope that as I start writing more, he'll be able to speak up over here more.

And though I don't think BFP has ever actually read this blog, let alone commented, she's so freakin' awesome that I have to give her a shout-out. I'm not just sweating her, either, because we do Tweet together, so there!

Also a special thanks to my guy for helping me with everything and having the patience to deal with my blog addiction.

Ok, I'll stop being a cornball now and let you continue with your New Year's preparations & celebrations! :)


At Thu Jan 01, 02:44:00 AM Danny said...

Awww you keep that up and you'll have me blushing. Yeah one thing I want to do next year is start engaging with more people. But there is so much out there that its hard to keep up. My time management skills need work.

At Thu Jan 01, 10:29:00 PM Tyler said...

I really like your blog. haha I learned something new everyday, I thought I'd post and thank you for this blog.
if you get time, please check out my blog!

At Fri Jan 16, 01:20:00 PM Anonymous said...




At Fri Jan 16, 02:32:00 PM frau sally benz said...

Thanks for the love, Anonymous, but please identify yourself! You can't do that to people!! Is that you, BFP?! AHHHH!

Whoever you are, thanks for stopping by and making me feel special =)


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