I realize this is not very Christmas-y, but it's been bugging me for a week...

You know the pharmacists who can now refuse to fill patients' prescriptions if it goes against their morals or religious beliefs?... Why don't these people get new jobs? Or, better yet, how'd they end up at these jobs in the first place??

I realize this is an awful economy and it's not exactly the best time to look for a new job. But seriously, if it's such a big deal and they're so spiritually and morally upset by having to administer this medication, why haven't they started looking for a new job? Are their skills not transferable to other fields?

And, really, birth control, HIV meds, etc. are not exactly a new concept. They've been around for decades now, and when these people were training to become pharmacists, Bush's unconscientious rule did not exist. Did all of these people with their high morals and strong religious beliefs not realize that they'd some day need to fill prescriptions for these immoral medications? I would assume that it sorta comes with the territory seeing as how it's basically in the job description: people come in needing medication, you give it to them, people leave happy that they're now medicated, the end. Am I missing something?

These questions could apply to any health provider affected by this rule, but I've just had pharmacists on my mind most of all.

Can anybody out there enlighten me? It'll be a great Christmas gift!


At Wed Dec 24, 06:04:00 PM zakstar said...

I'd actually expect more pro-lifers to try to get job at Planned Parenthood and to go to pharmacy school, expressly to limit women's access to birth control. All in the name of saving babies. Can you imagine a Planned Parenthood slowly being infiltrated by pro-lifers until all the front desk staff are saying no, sorry, I can't book you for a birth control appt, and no one else at the front desk can either.

At Fri Dec 26, 03:40:00 PM Summer said...

Sure they now have Bush's permission, but many have been finding ways around providing certain prescriptions for years. Suddenly losing the prescription, or having "issues" with the insurance, or just being so rude and hateful that the woman gets upset and walks out.

Came here via Shakesville!


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